Talon Engineering Ltd has been at the forefront of Precision Engineering since the early 1970’s. We are predominantly a supplier in support of the Motor industry although we do offer and produce engineering solutions to all sectors.

We have an extensive Supply base in which we can extend our services to include Specialised Machining, Plating / Painting and Metal Joining which is all controlled by our ISO9001 accreditation.

Our extensive investment in Plant has increased our capacity, capability and improved our repeatability to ensure that the Customer specifications are met.

  • CNC Milling

    • 3 Axis
    • 4 Axis

    CNC Turning

    • 2 Axis with Bar Feed
    • 2 Axis with Driven Head
  • Design

    • Programme generation
    • 3D Modelling
    • Design
  • Assembly

    • Bench & Fly Press Work
    • Sub Assembly (Inserts, Studs,etc.)
    • Laser Part Marking
    • Pin Stamping
  • Toolroom

    • Conventional Milling
    • Conventional Turning
    • Keyway Slotting
    • Surface Grinding
    • Spark Eroding
    • Die Modification/Repair
  • Plating

    • Anodise (Various Colours)
    • Hard Andodise
    • Electroless Nickel Plate
    • Zinc Plate
  • Painting

    • Wet Paint Coating
    • Powder Coating
  • Metal Joining

    • Welding