Health & Safety Policy Statement

Talon Engineering is committed to meeting in full our duty to ensure so far as is reasonably practicable the Health, Safety and Welfare of employees, customers, contractors and other users of our facilities and services. Our employees are seen as a key resource and their commitment to our customers is an essential cornerstone of our business plan. Our commitment to their health and safety is recognised by this Policy Statement, and by the Health and Safety Policy document.

The company is committed to the following broad objectives:

  • Complying fully with all relevant legal requirements and good practice taking any additional measures considered appropriate
  • Preventing injury and ill-health and reducing risk to the health, safety and welfare of employees, clients, contractors and the general public so far as is reasonably practical
  • Where we do have accident we will investigate and implement changes to prevent reoccurrence
  • Raising the awareness and competence of all staff through safety training facilitated through a comprehensive safety training matrix and plan
    Monitoring the performance of the company as a whole against business objectives which are set on an annual basis, by the Health & Safety Manager in
    conjunction with the Directors, Managers and Safety Representatives with the goal of continuous improvement
  • Ensuring employee participation and consultation are vital aspects of the policy. All have a duty to safety, and are expected to contribute ideas and participate in
    the consultation process to ensure the maintenance of safe practices
  • Reviewing this policy in conjunction with Directors and Management annually to ensure it remains relevant and compliant
  • Ensuring that adequate resources are available for arranging, providing and maintaining healthy working conditions and safe systems of work